SHIKSHAVIHAR,SIRISBANI,BARIPADA-757049, Affiliated to C.B.S.E up to Senior Secondary
K.G to +2 Science ( Affiliation No: 1530097 )


Swami Vivekananda


Best school education leader indiscover your futur.

Best and efficient security of your child.

Each and every happening around us creates a learning process.

Your child health is our first concern.

Secretary's Message ...

The sharpness of human brain reflects in all the miraculous inventions of the scientists of different countries since hundreds & hundreds years. Nobody says "its the best & last, no such invention may cross-over its dimensions tomorrow". Like way we expect something extraordinary from our young generation with a challenge to build-up them accordingly. Though we cannot change the curriculum of today's education but we can decorate it with more practical vision. Exactly what S.V.S. put emphasis on it since 2001 in a tribal dominated district - Mayurbhanj of Odisha by uplifting the Physical, Mental, Spiritual & Technical Skills along with academic skill under CBSE Guidelines. Our Green Surrounding, Spiritual Environment, Vedic culture, pollution free atmosphere, Parental guidance, better teaching aids & methods, which binds the parents with immense love & trust with us.

Mr. Ajay Kumar Mishra
Ex-Lecture (Baripada College)